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Support Rena

Your donations help spread her progressive message

Donations to Rena's campaign go directly to getting our message out to voters through literature for doorknocking, mass mailings, yard signs, website, as well as costs associated with campaign and community events. Please consider a financial contribution to Rena's campaign today and be a part of history!

Get a refund up to $50 per individual: Registered voters who contribute to Rena's campaign are eligible to apply for a refund of their contribution. Only monetary contributions, and not donations of goods or services, qualify for the refund. The maximum refund contributors may receive is $50 per person or $100 for married couples. Those individuals may file only one refund application per year. Once your contribution is processed, Rena's campaign will send you an application and instructions for obtaining your refund.

Donate by check


Checks made payable to "Rena for Rep" and can be mailed to:

Rena for Rep
671 Aurora Avenue W
St. Paul, Minnesota 55104


For more info or to host a fundraiser, contact Rena at

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